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Can Rats Eat Cat Food?

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Rats make great pets for a lot of people. They’re smart, active and they love to be held and played with. However, like all animals, rats have very specific dietary needs in order to stay healthy. One question that often comes up is whether or not they can eat cat food? The answer is yes, but only if it’s the right kind.

Cat food has different nutritional needs than rat food and is usually higher in protein, which rats are highly allergic to. So while you can let your little guy munch on a few bites of cat kibble now and then, rats won’t be able to eat too much without getting sick or even dying. That said, there are some types of dry cat foods that might work well as part of rats’ diets.

What Rats Cannot Chew Through?

Yes, It is safest to say they can, because it is a question that has not yet been answered. Rats have been known to eat things such as nuts, caramelized sugar, and even plastic. However, the true identity of what is eaten by rats may never be known due to the fact rodents and their prey often have a lot in common. Rats would need much more than a cat food bowl in order to survive on it as their only source of food.

Rats cannot live only on cats food because it does not contain all of the nutrients that rats need in order to survive.

It is safe to assume that they can eat cat food but it will be insufficient for survival on its own and should not be the main diet. Rats require protein, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc., just like humans do!.

Cat contains a high amount of proteins, fats, and sugar that rats don’t need in order to survive.

However, it does not contain the necessary minerals and vitamins a rat needs for survival due to its high-fat content. Rats cannot live on cat food alone because they would die of malnutrition!

Rats can eat cats but should not do so as their only source of diet or else they could get sick and die if there are not enough other nutrients in their body.

The bottom line: yes, rats can have some cat food here-and-there to supplement another more nutritious meal with low amounts of fats/sugar; however, this will be insufficient when no other form of nutrition is consumed (e.g., protein).

Dry vs. Wet Cat Foods Which Is Best For Rats?

Which is best to feed rats with wet cat food or dry cat food?

Dry cat food is better for rats than wet cat food, as it’s more closely related to the diet of a rat. Rats cannot eat anything with any water content in it, but they can’t get enough fluids from dry foods alone because their kidneys have evolved to help them retain moisture and survive on less.

Don’t feed rats too much at one time- you’ll overload their stomach, which will cause vomiting or diarrhea. Feeding your pet small meals often will keep his/her digestive system running smoothly!

Rats who are fed wet cat food should be supplemented with a calcium powder (humans need this as well). This is because there may not be sufficient amounts of minerals like phosphorus or potassium in the wet cat food that a rat needs.

A single, small piece of dry cat food should be enough for a rat or mouse to eat at one time and they usually finish the whole piece within an hour or two. Rats cannot have wet cat food because it’s not good for their kidneys that are needed to retain fluids in the body; instead, they need something like dry cat meat which is more closely related to what rats can actually digest well.

This kind of MRE pack (Meal Ready-to-Eat) shouldn’t cause stomach problems as long as you don’t feed your pet too much at once! Feeding them little meals often will keep their digestive system working smoothly without any vomiting or diarrhea issues cropping up along the way either!

So what CAN rats eat?

Rats are omnivores which means they will consume anything from plants (from fruits or veggies) to meat sources such as mice and other rodents. Here is a list of things a rat can eat:

Rat food pellets

Dog kibble/dry dog food


Cooked rice and pasta (never give raw)

Cheese, yogurt, bread, crackers. Avoid: flour products such as cakes or cookies with sugar frosting or other sweet toppings- these will often be fatal for your rat! Fruit is also not recommended because of the high water content and sugars it contains. Cat Food would never be a good idea either.

Just to reiterate this point, rats can eat things that are consumed by cats but they cannot eat cat food themselves, even if you think it’s getting too much attention in the household at times.


There are many things that rats can eat but there is no need to feed them cat food.

So if you feed a rat with cat food be make sure it is just for a while it should not become their permanent diet. Which of this food will you give your rat and why. If there is anything I missed tell me know.